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Meet Our Pastor

The Reverend Sean J. Foster – Minister

Sean is a husband, father, pastor, teacher, in that order.

Sean is married to Bonnie, and together they have three

children, Erin, Matthew and Shannon; Matthew and Shannon being twins.

Sean has been a minister within the Presbyterian Church in Canada since being ordained in June of 2002.  His first charge was Hopedale Presbyterian Church in Oakville and served there for 20 years.  Sean was inducted as the minister at St. Andrew’s Memorial on April 3, 2022.  

Sean loves the church but has also been involved in the community serving as a chaplain at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, the Oakville Fire Department and served on committees within the United Way.  Sean has served the Principal Clerk for 15 years with the Presbytery of Brampton overseeing 33 congregations.

Sean loves Jesus and teaching the Word of God. He believes the church should always be active in the community and inviting people to faith and relationship with Christ.

Sean enjoys spending time with family and friends. He loves reading history, sociology, anthropology, theology and even a good mystery novel. Sean gets out for daily walks with the family and dog Willow enjoying the beauty of the Oakville trails. And, when time permits Sean loves watching old movies, but this he usually does alone because no one else wants to watch them with him.

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